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Build the Largest Islamic Center in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada!

In’Sha’Allah, AL-BAAQI FOUNDATION wants to build a new Masjid, Islamic School and Islamic Library on 41,000 squire foot of land at the 4044 Campbell Street, Regina, SK S0S 0S0.

It is important that we build The AL-BAAQI MASJID because there is no Masjid in this area. We know that without personal and spiritual development, there can be no social development.

In Regina, mosques are the places where personal and spiritual development happens. Mosques also double as community centers and places of learning Quran, Qiraat, Tafseer, Hadeeth. It is the place where Muslim people get together to pray. This is the place where men and women come to for solace and support. This is the place where children learn to read.

Mosques are the Centre of any Muslim community where  people  can  congregate  for  their  five  daily prayers  and  Friday congregation sermons. A mosque  serves  as  a place  where  Muslims  can  come  together  not  only for  prayers, but  for  information, religious education and meetings.

Religion is  vital  to  shaping  the attitudes, beliefs  and  practices that  lay the foundation for  everyday life. Religion unites people as  a community, gives them  strength, breeds  hope and  inspires social justice  as well  as  the perseve rance  to  improve  themselves  and  their  lives. Within the Islamic  context  where  the concept  of  Zakat  obligates the fair  distribution of  wealth,  faith is  integral  to  development.

Masjid  is  a place  where  children learn  religious  manners  and  to  read  the Holy Qur’an. In  Masajid, we  are  united as a community to  practice  and better  understand our  faith, which is  vital  to  develop our  religious activities.

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